Tabloid Journalism Course summary

Our intensive distance learning course equips you to break into tabloid news journalism by providing on-the-job training.

London News Service editor Julian Brouwer will teach you the basics, supported by the highly regarded College of Media and Publishing.

Brouwer will pass on the insider skills he has learned during his illustrious tabloid career. And he will show you how to put them into action in real-world assignments.

CMP will supplement your training with their internationally-respected news reporting course which has graduates across the globe.

About CMP

So you will end up with cutting edge skills, and a respected, accredited qualification.

That's the dream package to make editors sit up and take notice.

Key features

Tabloid news reporters are in the middle of the action. They run towards disasters, when everyone else is running away from them.

There is a strong demand for people who can produce fast and reliable stories and photographs for multimedia platforms. 

This course will teach you how to:
  • find hard-hitting stories
  • carry out investigations
  • cover stories for newspapers, websites and magazines
  • write informed, attractive copy

Distance learning means you can:
  • study wherever you are
  • work at your own speed
  • fix your own timetable
  • earn while you learn

      Course content

      • The tabloid reporter's job 
      • Where news and features come from
      • Notebook discipline and record keeping
      • Writing to style
      • Interviewing
      • Multimedia writing style
      • The intro
      • Story construction
      • Law and ethics
      • Investigations and searches
      • Advanced skills: recording phone calls, doorstepping
      • Covering live events
      • Human interest stories
      • Feature writing
      • Press releases and handouts
      • Press conferences and meetings
      • How to sell your work

        Your course tutors

        Julian Brouwer, editor, London News Service

        Cleland Thom, director, College of Media and Publishing

        What you will need

        • access to a computer with a good internet connection
        • an email account
        • a Google Documents account
        • a smartphone
        • a handheld recording device
        • a Skype account, preferably on your smartphone

          When you've finished

          You will be ready to write news articles, and can make money by selling them.

          If you're good enough, there may be the chance to do further work for London News Service.